Photos with Santa in his workshop at Brenda Horan Photography


This fall, Santa will once again be joining photographer Brenda Horan for some limited-edition photo sessions. This is more than a single pose for your Christmas card. Brenda creates a series of photos that tell the story of a wonder-filled visit to Santa's Workshop.

Walking into Santa's Workshop and hearing Santa greet you with a "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" is just what you get when you come to Brenda Horan Photography. To children's delight, the studio is transformed into a rustic workshop where Santa can interact with your child during one of our yearly, Limited Edition photo sessions.

Nothing makes it more personal than having grandma or grandpa join them in this amazing experience....

All the props in this set have been carefully selected to create what I consider to be an authentic, vintage workshop feel. Everything is worn with time and love. Creating a set that is sure to make you want to read this Christmas tale again and again, year after year.

At Brenda Horan Photography, Santa visits the studio in October, so if you are interested, it's never to late to book your appointment as I only shoot 5-7 of these limited edition sessions per year.

From my family to yours, I wish you the most blessed Merry Christmas ever.


You can book online or phone Brenda Horan at (918) 704-4399.

Here's a link to a promotional video that will give you a good sense of how the sessions work.

Below are photos from one of the sessions from 2012, and yes, that's our Santa David:



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